Arable Grounds Are Sought By Those Who Hope A Fruit Bearing Future

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Arable Grounds Are Sought By Those Who Hope A Fruit Bearing Future

November 10, 2015 Community Services 0


Where can my hard earned wealth are preserved as a treasure trove? This is a reasonable contemplation of a person who means well about personal belongings and assets. It implies that his/ her possessions are so valued t be of greater use in a futuristic period and particularly when they are unable to labour anymore in the evening of life. The secular world consisting of business and financial institutions offer various schemes for the customers relating to sustained future. The social and charity organisations however depend on well wishers to cater to the less fortunate assuring them at least the basic needs for a decent living. Kindness of humanity which ought to be dispersed equitably does not always align with that notion today. Hence, would be donors tend to be tight-fisted and reluctant with their generosity. Misappropriation of funds has perpetrated a culture of bogus Trusts in many parts of the world.

In this context of wide anomalies, Christian groups have embarked on church investments where people can put to use their money for worthy causes and also be hopeful of returns after a period. Similar to a secular set up it may appear. But here, the trust factor is more emphatic they feel. Backed by the religious principles and beliefs, the adherents are assured of sincere accountability by the organisations which found these initiatives. The bottom line is faithfulness to God reflected in care for the fellow men and women. This means a lot for any member belonging to any congregation of the faith.

Funds are divested into many fields but not all of them are direct charities. Some of them are dividend yielding participations and some, extension of existing projects and traditional practices. However, all these are under Biblical scrutiny which is imposed by ordained authorities or those appointed by bodies attached directly or indirectly to the various recognized denominations of the believers. The area of the funding is restricted to certain boundaries permitted by the article of faith of the organisation. Therefore if a believer is inspired to be a part of church investments, it should engage him/ her to thoroughly investigate into the purposes, objectives and mission and check with the personal convictions. And then channel the funds into appropriate portfolios what they offer.

There is no cause for alarm about the legality of these operations as they all come under government’s rules and regulations with regards to such activities. This will certainly differ from country to country. Nevertheless it is wise to have an overall understanding of the parameters. Reports are surfacing of dire consequences of defaulting stipulations even in the religious arena. Accountability and integrity in financial matters is not a child’s play. The Christian community at large universally may not be vociferous in their convictions but are indeed conscious of their duty towards God and humanity. This calls for prudent management in these efforts.